MK Trading LLC has developed the QRS principle in the way we conduct business with our highly valued customers.  We strongly believe that delivering only the highest Quality parts, displaying unfailing Reliability on every processed order, and providing the most complete level of customer Service, are the driving forces behind our business.


MK Trading LLC is proud of its outstanding reputation throughout the industry in providing only the highest quality computer components to its customers.  We know our customers demand only the best conditioned and functioning parts to meet their requirements.  In addition to a rigorous physical inspection of all procured parts, we test its products to ensure proper functioning.  MK Trading LLC also uses only the highest quality packing materials in order for the parts to arrive safe from harm at your door. If for some reason any of the parts we sell do not function properly, we have a full warranty/replacement policy to protect our customers (see policy for exact details).


One of the most frustrating experiences for customers in sourcing particular components that meet their needs, is the lack of trusted, reliable vendors, who understand the time sensitivity and exact part specificity they require.  MK Trading LLC places reliability at the top of the list in handling all your computer component needs.  We only promise what we can actually deliver, nothing more, and work closely with customers and their orders throughout the process of procurement and delivery.  Doing business with MK Trading LLC, is a reliable way to meet the demands of accuracy and just-in-time delivery, two of the most important ingredients in the global computer parts exchange.


We know that without our customers, we have nothing; MK Trading LLC provides the highest level of customer service and satisfaction in the marketplace.  Working closely with all members of the supply chain, MK Trading LLC takes a uniquely individualistic approach with each customer, depending on the specific needs they require.  With us, you will always have a partner that will give you the attention and service you demand, and be assured that every transaction will be handled smoothly.

A rep will contact you within a few business hours (Central Standard Time)